Slot machine test: spacemen

Mercury slot "Spacemen" puts you right in the depths of space, where already all sorts of interesting things waiting for you. Astronomy as a topic for an online slot, but implemented with a wink. Because in addition to planets, satellites and space ships, there is even the astronauts. The "spacemen" looks rather as if he were just on vacation and not work. That should bother you but do not continue, because ausgetattet with a great clearance function, makes a good figure "Spacemen" on Earth and allows you some good chances of winning. You can take a look for example at Sunmaker Casino, free of charge only once, before it goes to the thing with real. "Spacemen" has a few good arguments in each case in the luggage.

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Spacemen play online

Thus the fields look not only beautiful, but also profit drop, you have to place same icons in rows. This line must be each payline, so they count. "Spacemen" has installed five paylines, which after little sounds, quite but may be sufficient. A number must always consist of identical symbols, where the first of which must be on the first reel. Also, no other motive may interfere with this series. The exception to this is the image of the Galaxy that can take over as a Joker.

Each line includes depending on a field of one of the five reels. In the best case you can make it so, to spin five identical symbols on a line, at least three pieces must be there but most. The exceptions make the Galaxy, spaceships, the 9 and the "spacemen" itself. The height of earnings is calculated by the total bet with the length of a series and the respective symbol. In the paytable you can see, how your current usage affects the possible gains of symbols.

The meaning of the symbols in the slot spacemen

Letters and numbers may be missing also in "Spacemen", which otherwise have their place on card games. The 9 worth not differ from the 10, Q and J, however it is one already from two fields side by side. It is also possible that multiple paylines can be served simultaneously as multiple pops out profits in a round for you.

The advantage of the tripartite series in "Spacemen" is that at least getting your usage will be played again. Everything beyond that means the bottom line actually profit for the balance.

The image icons include more and more so the planets, space ships and the satellite, in in this case. Moreover, the special symbols move. The Galaxy is not only extremely lucrative for the account, it also serves as a wild symbol. Thus, it can replace other motives and complete series. The Galaxy as a wild symbol is used, the respective prize doubled.

And then there is the "spacemen" would be. He is the scatter symbol, which also counts when the symbols is scattered anywhere on the five reels. From three same areas are 15 free games opened, in which all symbols as the scatter work.

Slot machines instructions by spacemen

By the great clearance function, it is quite possible that you move your account to win upwards. For this you must play with real money of course. While the line in "Spacemen" are fixed, you can redefine the use before each round. Alternatively, it stays as it is. The stakes range from a few cents amounts up to € 10 per spin. Of course high profits can result, as you can see in the paytable.

A round win is may not always what you're hoping for you. In this case, you can play and try to improve the profit still at risk. Card and risk of head of available to in "Spacemen" for you. In both cases, you have a 50/50 chance for more profit or but complete loss of round earnings.

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